Shana Tova- Happy New Year



Yay Dothan

For those of you that don’t know….my most recent community was Dothan Alabama.

This is a little story about my former Temple and what they are doing to bring Jews to the South.

Bringing Jews to the South- Check it out! Lots of Love to the story’s stars- Lisa, Kenny & Rob!

Something to tide you over

Hello all-

I am currently very much under the weather! I caught the summer cold thats been going around La Crosse and it has hit me hard! Thankfully the Dr put me on some meds today and I am hopefully tomorrow will be better.


So since I have nothing exciting to tell you about I thought I would share a video about the program I am going to in less than 2 weeks! AHHHH!


I am currently selling my car- check it out and pass to friends in my area! Price is negotiable.


Farewell Tour- The North Dakota Edition

Chad, Oliva & Amber

Chad, Oliva & Amber

Williston, ND- home of the Norpels

Williston, ND- home of the Norpels

This last week I made the journey out to Williston, North Dakota. One of my oldest and dearest friends, Miss Amber Gail (we met in Middle School) lives there with her husband Chad and all their kiddos. Sadly due to the great geographical distance between us (and one shitty boss) we had not seen each other in over 2 years.

I arrived Wednesday afternoon, on time I might add!  (a gold star day for Delta! )  Amber picked me up and we headed back to the house. Now, in total, Amber and Chad have 5 kids, 4 boys and Olivia. The boys rang in age from a new teen down to preK. And no Amber was not a middle school mom- Chad was married before and had the boys from that marriage. (Yes Chad is just a lil older than us 😉 ) As an only child, I always am slightly overwhelmed by big families and lots of noise which is what I was greeted with. Not only were the boys coming in and out but they had friends too. Good thing I have seen may pictures of them or I would have thought they had 10 boys. After Amber and I grabbed a quick bite we decided to take the little boys and Olivia to the water park. In a strange turn of events Chad was home- he had hurt his back- and so he was able to come with us. (in the end he was home more this week then he would have liked but it meant I got to spend more time getting to know him, which was great!) So the lil guys played at the splash pad and in the park and Olivia showed off her skills in dirt playing (I guess she and Bella have that in common- see dirt, play in dirt, be dirty.) She enjoyed climbing around the play equipment and attempted to devour wood chips, something that both her parents weren’t really thrilled with :). That evening the boys headed off to their moms for a long weekend and the house got strangely quiet.

Olivia exploring the pelts of Animal that were traded at Fort Union

Olivia exploring the pelts of Animal that were traded at Fort Union

Thursday the girls, big and small, headed out to explore the surronding area. We went first to Fort Union Trading Post ( ). It ” was the most important trading post on the upper Missouri RIver for 39 years (1828 to 1867) – longer than any other post of the frontier. Fort Union is renowned as a center of peaceful economic and social exchange between Plains Indian (including Assiniboine, Blackfeet, Crow, Cree, Ojibaway, Hidatsa and Mandan) and white culture.” I was impressed that the full Fort had been excavated and the main buildings were built in the exact locations they original sat and those that have yet to be rebuilt we outlined by wooden planks. Thanks to its rual location, it was easy to transport yourself back to a time when this was a uncharted area that the US whites were expanding into. Here I also got to cross between North Dakota & Montana! We also hit up Fort Buford- Slightly disappointing because there aren’t many buildings and there is no outline for those that haven’t been reconstructed. However, they had a great collection of belongings of the troops who lived there and lots on info on Fort life at the time. Olivia enjoyed playing with the buttons that played different trumpet calls used to alert soldiers.

North Dakota

North Dakota



WOW- looking down in Teddy Roosevelt National Park

WOW- looking down in Teddy Roosevelt National Park











Friday we headed Southeast to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It was about 1.5 hrs from Williston. A nice drive, minus all the huge trucks and road construction. However it was an amazing site as we turned a corner to head down to the park. The land scape just exploded with hills and valleys; nothing like the flatness that is Williston. It really was beautiful! Check out more pics on Facebook!

Mid overlook at T.R.N.P.

Mid overlook at T.R.N.P.

Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning followed by a lil rummage sale shopping- sadly we didn’t see too many good deals. We then headed downtown to check out the deals at a quilt shop that was closing – however they had closed early, (even though they put an add in the paper about the sale with their hours) so Amber wasn’t able to check out their sales. The evening was pizza, beer and a movie.

In the end it was a great trip! I loved being able to spend some time with an old friend, someone who has seen the best and the worst; the crazy braces, terrible glasses and those clothing choices you wish you wouldnt have made as a kid, helped after 1st loves failed and shopping trips to the MOA. It was also nice to get to know Chad! Its nice to see that a few years into a marriage you can still act like young love birds! I hope it always stays that way for them!! I look forward to spending more time with them in the future. Oh and did I forget to mention loving lil Miss Olivia! God she was so cute and funny! Kinda makes me want one- good thing I also want to wait awhile- ya know for the husband, money, settled life thing to come into place! 🙂

There’s no place like home- if you can get there

Hello ALL! I do apologize for the lengthy delay in updates. I have been settling back into life at home in Wisconsin.

Thursday I drove for over 13 hours. I had set my mind that I would not stop with only a few hours left but would force myself to make it home. In the end I made it to what is normally about a 40 min drive from my mom’s house- My godparent’s farm. Thankfully both my Mom and Auntie Carol were there to meet me. Upon exiting my car, I had a minor melt down, which involved tears and a dedication to never drive again. Thankfully they took me inside and gave me a beer and I regained my composure. (I would not drive again that night) The next morning Carol took me back out to get the car and trailer.

Friday was a combination of sleep and unloading. For those of you that don’t know- my Mom, Nancy, is also moving in two weeks. So her house is in a slight state of chaos and has boxes buliding up everywhere. For this reason most of my belongings are currently in the garage awaiting transport to the new house. Bella and I are currently camped out on a mattress (that will become a daybed at the new place) in the corner of the living room/dinning room. Thankfully both my Mom & I are good sports about sharing a small space made even smaller with all our boxed crap. And by crap I mean the things we can’t live without. That evening Bella, Mom & I hit up the Food Co-Op and then had our very own picnic in Riverside Park. (Yes that is the Mississippi behind Bella)


Saturday was a combination of running a few errands and catching my cousin Jaran’s band playing at a local festival. We had to drive pretty far out but in the words of my cousin Jonathan- “This is the best time I have had sitting under a pine tree next to a highway.” It was great to see all the Carsons, especially the family thats now in Chicago.


Noah Rocking out to Jaran’s Band


Lily’s big smile


Noah building a stick teepee


Grandma Carol with her LilyIMG_4707Noah and dad Jonathan getting crafty with sticks


Being Silly


Lily is unsure she wants to be in the pic


The band


Sunday was a grill out with Pa, Aunt Jan, Grandma RoseMary and the youngest Werner Family(Bryan, Amanda & the three little ladies). It was wonderful to see them & catch up a little.

This last week has been filled with errands around town, including looking at phone plans, helping Mom move cable and electric service  to her new place, buying stuff for the trip, seeing the dermatologist and bugging more people than I can count with questions about the trip and the program.

Today Bella & I are going to hit the dog park and then I’m going to attempt to finalize my flight plans.

This weekend will be filled with a trip to Muscatine, IA to visit some of my Mom’s family. I will also be breaking the news to the last remaining Great Uncle that I am Jewish. Here’s to hoping that goes well. 

ok thats all for now and I promise to be better about this whole posting in a timely matter thing!

Day two of drive across america

So today we had another hang up. While driving in one lane construction my tire pressure light went off. Attempting not to panic, I pulled off at the first exit. Turns out that exit was just for another road. 😦 Attempting to use my gas finder my phone froze. more panic building After another 10 mins of driving around I found the station. All my tires were correct. After reading the car manual (in several sections, cause why make it simple) I found out that pulling a trailer while on a one lane construction rd can cause them to go off. After another few mins of reading I found where to reset the light. 

Again it was slow going but I have made it to Mount Pleasant IL. I am hoping to make it home tomorrow but worried about the time it will take!

Wish me luck!

Day one = done

There was a small hiccup with the trailer today. – At my lunch stop I took time to walk the car/trailer to check and make sure everything still looked good regarding the tires & trailer. Thats when I noticed that the cord connecting the power to the trailer had come disconnected and was now damaged from dragging on the highway. Thankfully I was only about a mile from Jeb feed and trailer in Prattville, AL – a U-haul trailer place. The guy  was great and had me back on the road in less than 10 mins.

As you can guess from the post- Bella & I have stopped for the day- Sadly having to go 45 msp due to the trailer is slowing us down and we are still in Alabama. Granted its a big state going from bottom (bottom hahaha) to the top. Currently I’m only about 30 miles to the border with TN so I expect us to make a big dent in the trip tomorrow!

Night all! Wish us luck for tomorrow!



Karen, miss you so much ps that bottom was for you!

Mary, there is a Starbucks across from the hotel! I’m so excited to grab a big cup before hitting the road!