Fast Forward

Update extraordinaire! January: Winter break was fantastic! In late January, Adam, a friend of mine from Alabama, visited and I was able to play host & tour guide. We spent time in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Caesarea, & Haifa. We also went a little off path to visit a few wineries. Adam & I indulged in food, culture […]


So far while in the land of Israel I have lost the following items: 2 earrings- sadly not the same two 1 wallet – containing money, drivers license, two debit cards, bus pass I hope this list will not grow too much in the next 7 months…….

I made it

After a long cold flight, I finally made it to Tel Aviv and to my new home. I arrived on Monday Sept 9 to be greeted by several members of the group (and a ridiculous long customs/visa entry area) and the Tikkun Olam director of Admissions & the program Director. They took us and our rather […]