Will I or Won’t I Go to Poland

Yes I will go to Poland! (*but only with your help) 

I have been offered an amazing opportunity to take part in the Masa Delegation to Poland! I will be one of 17 current Masa participants on this week long Delegation. The trip is made possible by a very generous donation. However the entire cost is not covered by this donation. Each delegate is required to share the cost: $650.00. This will cover our flights, all meals, hotels, travel within Poland, etc.

The reason I need your help goes above and beyond just 650.00. The cost of living in Israel is more than one might think. I know it is more than I was lead to believe. I really like my program, Tikkun Olam, but I have paid to take classes & be an unpaid intern. Yes, I knew that I would be without a paycheck for 10 months. What I did not know was what the real cost of sustaining myself here would be.(Check out some prices below) Thankfully my mom has helped to manage things back in the States while I have been here but she can’t seem to make the money tree grow. She even worked her tail off to try to get the best price for my car; sadly it sold for a few thousand dollars less than we had estimated.

I am here asking for you assistance to maintain myself here & make this once in a lifetime trip to Poland!

Any donation will be an amazing help to me! No gift is too small! Even if you are unable to make a monetary donation, keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I make this difficult journey through history! 🙂

Below you will find multiple ways of donating to my Poland/Israel Fund!


Able & willing to make a donation~ Here are a few ways to donate!

If you are in the La Crosse area, you can give a donation directly to my mom. She will then deposit it for me and I will be able to access the funds via ATM here in Tel Aviv.

If you are in the Dothan area, you can deposit a donation directly at Servis1st Bank. I am able to access my account there from any ATM in Tel Aviv.

Third you can donate directly to me through Payonner. Payonner is simple international card meant for use overseas. (I got my original card when I went on Birthright.) To load a donation, go to https://load.payoneer.com/LoadToPage.aspx. You will then be asked for my email- carrieann1224@gmail.com. Once this is entered it will automatically select the card. You then select an amount. A reason for loading is required: simply enter anything and if you like you’re name, that way I can thank you!  Then select if you would like to pay the minor fee or have it taken out of what it being donated. Finally click Continue and it will take you through the ‘check out’ process and you will be asked for your information.

Bus Adventures

  • Round trip (Tel Aviv to Jerusalem) on the Bus – 32.30 ₪ / $9.30
  • Single Bus ride within Tel Aviv – 6.90 ₪ / $1.99
  •  Monthly Pass for Tel Aviv area- 246₪ / $70.84

Simple grocery & household items

  • Soup mix – 12₪ / $3.45
  • 1 liter of Milk – 7 ₪ / $2.01
  • Loaf of basic bread – 15₪ / $4.60
  • Healthy cereal (think special K) – 31.00₪ / $8.91
  • laundry softener  17₪ / $4.90

Fun things

  • Movie – 38-47₪ / $10.94-13.53
  • Museum entrance, example the Israel Museum – 50₪ / $14.41

Basic health & wellness

  • Chiropractor (seen every 2-4 weeks due to a squished disk from 2 car accidents in GA) – 250₪ / $71.99
  • Hair Cut – 250₪ / $71.99  (I’ve only gotten one so far to save money)

Having to replace simple household/kitchen items because your program refuses to:

  • Cutting boards, measuring cups, oven thermometer…. FAR TOO MANY SHEKELS

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