Some days you are the bug, others the windshield

In the last 72 hours I have been the bug. After a great day visiting the Jewish peoplehood museum examining Jews in the diaspora, Ulpan class and a wonderful visit to see what might be the biggest Hanukkiyah in Israel, a few of my roommates and I hopped on the bus home, walking in the door about 10pm. The next morning while getting ready for work & packing work bag, I went to retrieve my wallet from my backpack and nothing! So I tossed the backpack, still nothing! I then went through my clothes bag- (I’ve been sharing a room this week) nothing there. I ripped apart the bed, looked under the bed, searched my food shelf, the fridge, bathroom shelves – still nothing! Walked from my house to the bus stop to see if it was just lying there waiting for me. And in case you are unsure – still nothing. I think that after getting on the bus that evening, I must not have zipped my backpack all the way and it slipped out.
My amazing roomates helped me to contact the bus company to report it missing, search the house again, support me with chocolate cake while I have a mini meltdown and listen to me bitch while I deal with banks in two states and the Drivers Licence people in a third, and the US embassy. In total the day ended with one missing wallet, having to wait 3 days for a new bus card (even though I was told I should get it same day), a broken glass, witnessing a man falling down the escalator, stepping in a little bag of chocolate milk and getting in all over & in my shoe, almost getting hit by a car,  (the biker coming our direction did collide with the car, however he & his bike are OK) and finally a glass of wine. I think I might have needed more than one but was afraid of what catastrophe might happen if I did.
My coworkers were amazing, helping me to make additional contacts at the bus company and making sure I have money to get myself through until I can get new cards from the states. One of my coworkers, Yael, even brought me a wallet to use, instead of the little plastic bag I was using.
As of this post the wallet has not been found. This afternoon I will spend on the phone ordering new debt cards, and praying they arrive before the end of time. (In case you are unaware, for some reason the Israel Post hates most of us on Tikkun Olam and never wants us to receive the packages we are sent).
In the end I lost my amazing wallet, containing my driver’s licence, Rav Kav (bus pass), two debit cards, copy of my passport, medical insurance card and approximately 200 shekels. I am sure something else was in there and I’ll never realize its missing.
The only upside from the last few days is that I have been accepted to attend Masa’s Leadership Summit. It is a prestigious learning and leadership development bootcamp. I will be spending December 15-19 in Jerusalem with approximately 250 other young leaders currently attending Masa programs. And while at the bus station picking up my rav kav today, I also ran into Jessie, a friend I made while attending the Jewish Federations of NA General Assembly. It’s always refreshing to see a nice face when in the bas station- they employees aren’t always the most friendly.  So great to see her! 
I am also going to part 2 of 3 of the Masa Mifgashim Series. Mifgashim is a series dedicated to peer-to-peer interactions between young adult Jews from abroad and from Israel.  So off to pack for that now. 
I promise to write again soon- like in the next few days so keep an eye out!

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