Day two of drive across america

So today we had another hang up. While driving in one lane construction my tire pressure light went off. Attempting not to panic, I pulled off at the first exit. Turns out that exit was just for another road. 😦 Attempting to use my gas finder my phone froze. more panic building After another 10 mins of driving around I found the station. All my tires were correct. After reading the car manual (in several sections, cause why make it simple) I found out that pulling a trailer while on a one lane construction rd can cause them to go off. After another few mins of reading I found where to reset the light. 

Again it was slow going but I have made it to Mount Pleasant IL. I am hoping to make it home tomorrow but worried about the time it will take!

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Day two of drive across america

  1. You have my utmost admiration for that Mammoth drive you have undertaken. Much love & luck for the remainder of the trip. Get home safely.

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