Day one = done

There was a small hiccup with the trailer today. – At my lunch stop I took time to walk the car/trailer to check and make sure everything still looked good regarding the tires & trailer. Thats when I noticed that the cord connecting the power to the trailer had come disconnected and was now damaged from dragging on the highway. Thankfully I was only about a mile from Jeb feed and trailer in Prattville, AL – a U-haul trailer place. The guy  was great and had me back on the road in less than 10 mins.

As you can guess from the post- Bella & I have stopped for the day- Sadly having to go 45 msp due to the trailer is slowing us down and we are still in Alabama. Granted its a big state going from bottom (bottom hahaha) to the top. Currently I’m only about 30 miles to the border with TN so I expect us to make a big dent in the trip tomorrow!

Night all! Wish us luck for tomorrow!



Karen, miss you so much ps that bottom was for you!

Mary, there is a Starbucks across from the hotel! I’m so excited to grab a big cup before hitting the road!


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