Trailer adventures

The trailer has been a large adventure…one which I hope is over!

Originally I was set to have the hitch installed Saturday and pick up my trailer early this am (Monday). However plans changed Friday. I got a call from the local Uhaul stating that they could not do the install on Sat and would like me to come at 7 am on Monday. 

Thankfully my friend Adam agreed to be my ride this am. When we get there the manager informs us that the trailer guy will be in at 8. (so glad I came here at 7) I state that I will be awaiting his phone call to tell me he is done because I was originally supposed to load this am. By 11:15 I still hadn’t heard so I decided to go over. Arriving at noon, the hitch man said ‘yeah- the manager said you’d just be back to noon.’ REALLY! I AM 100% SURE I SAID I WOULD BE WAITING ON HIS CALL! WTF!!!!

So thanks to that debacale, Adam, Justin & I got to load my trailer at 2pm on the hottest day we have had in a long time. But after much sweat & a good bit of swearing the trailer to fully loaded. 

I have had a great dinner out with a few friends, popped by Publix with Karen and am now chilling out for the night.

In the am I will be loading the last few things into the car and then Bella and I will be hitting the road (at a roaring 55 mps max). 

I will keep updating as I am able on the road. I hope to arrive in La Crosse late on Thursday. 

Wish me luck world!!!!






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